Come discover verona

Verona has a history that spans more than 2,000 years. Founded by the Romans, the city is rich in ancient ruins, including the Roman arena, which is one of its most iconic symbols. Over the centuries, Verona has been fought over by powerful noble families and has seen its fair share of historical events.


Verona's architecture is a fascinating mix of styles, from Roman ruins to medieval palaces and Renaissance churches. Castelvecchio, with its crenellated towers, and the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore are excellent examples of medieval architecture, while Juliet's House is one of the city's focal points for romantic visitors.


Verona's cuisine is delicious and reflects the broad Italian culinary tradition. From pasta dishes such as "Bigoli" to meat specialties such as "Agnello con le Sfogliatine," Verona offers an unforgettable dining experience. In addition, one cannot visit Verona without enjoying a glass of Valpolicella, a renowned red wine produced in the surrounding region